Pembrokeshire Farm Vets is dedicated to providing an outstanding veterinary service based on proactive, forward thinking health planning. Shape the service you want, with our convenient Lameness and Beef Fertility packages.

Lameness Packages

Lameness is the most important welfare issue of domesticated animals.

1. Dairy Lameness Advisory Package

Lame cows are 8.4 times more likely to be culled and produce approximately 270-574kg less milk per lactation. Pembrokeshire Farm Vets provide an advisory lameness package which involves a total of 5 visits. This consists of quarterly ROMS mobility scoring with an additional visit to investigate the on farm risk factors, identify the main lesion on farm by discussing foot trimming records and monitor the herds lameness incidence. This will provide the farmer with a personalised Lameness Plan for the year with practical suggestions and improvements to help combat the industry’s rising lameness incidence.

2. Digital Dermatitis Blitz Package

Digital Dermatitis takes an average of 133 days for a lesion to form and result in clinical lameness. Based on Sara Pedersen’s (2019) approach, Pembrokeshire Farm Vets can offer herds with high digital dermatitis prevalence can undertake a three day ‘Blitz’ to help identify and treat early Digital Dermatitis lesions.

3. Sheep Lameness Package

The estimated cost of Footrot alone in the Great British sheep industry is between £20-80 million each year. Based on the 5-point plan, Pembrokeshire farm Vets will identify the main lesions within your flock and create a practical Lameness Control Plan.

Beef Fertility Packages

Proactive herd planning is important for a profitable, successful suckler farm. So make sure you take advantage of our value for money beef fertility packages:

1. Ready-to-go Heifer Fertility Package

This includes a customised visit with:
Pelvic scoring
Reproductive scoring ovaries
Synchronisation of heifers to aid a smooth transition of heifers into the suckler herd.

2. Suckler Package

This includes three visits to promote a compact and lucrative breeding season. The first visit entails pre-breeding scans – this identifies cows that are non-cycling and cows with endometritis (post calving), allowing appropriate treatments to be undertaken. The second fertility visit occurs at approximately 5-6 weeks post bull turn out (timing can be adapted to client preference), this identifies if the bull is working and allows early intervention if required. The final visit consists of post breeding scans.

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