Lambs in a field

About us

Pembrokeshire Farm Vets is a progressive, pro-active farm veterinary practice established in April 2023, serving all of Pembrokeshire. Our enthusiastic team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise, our dedication to the Livestock industry is at the forefront of all the services we provide. We pride ourselves on providing innovative and comprehensive care, whilst providing around the clock emergency cover.

Here at Pembrokeshire Farm Vets we are passionate about ensuring the sustainability of the farm business, while maintaining the high health and welfare standards of British Agriculture. We strive to support the livestock industry by providing bespoke, practical and cost-effective advice through the constant evolving expectations and regulations the industry requires. We confidently provide clinical excellence to maximise farm productivity and profitability.

Pembrokeshire Farm vets are committed to offering value to our customers by providing an extensive range of competitively priced medicines and services. Please contact us for the highest quality of services available.


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