Our services

Pembrokeshire Farm Vets is dedicated to providing an outstanding veterinary service based on proactive, forward -thinking health planning.

The practice mission is to support British agriculture with their high animal health and welfare standards whilst maintaining a sustainable and profitable business. Pembrokeshire Farm Vets will help clients’ to achieve their business goals by providing individual tailored advice.

The practice not only provides routine fertility visits but also provides comprehensive services such as (not limited to):

  • 24/7 emergency cover
  • TB testing
  • ROMs accredited mobility scoring
  • BCVA Bull fertility testing
  • Ram Fertility testing
  • Pregnancy diagnostic and herd fertility
  • Ram Vasectomies
  • BAJA Johnes Control Plans
  • AHDB Mastitis Control Plans
  • Pasture management/ Nutrition advice
  • Business and vet spend analysis
  • Young Stock Health monitoring
  • Herd/ Flock plans
  • Pelvic Measuring
  • Metabolic blood profiles
  • Trace element blood profiles
  • Faecal egg counts/ faecal sampling
  • Beef fertility packages: Heifer synchronisation and pelvic measuring, pre-breeding fertility and post breeding checks.
  • Flock health club packages: faecal egg counts, faecal egg count reduction tests, metabolic profiling and body condition scoring of lambs and ewes.


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